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Anyone else here use Developmental Movement Therapy???

Hi, I don't post here much, but just wondering if anyone is using or knows about Developmental Movement Therapy (DMT)...

 We are just starting it with our son who has ADD and a LD...I've been reading so much about Developmental Cognitive Theory and Therapy and it's fascinating to learn about brain function and primitive reflexes and brain integration.... it all makes so much sense!

 I know it's a soft science and there are not any proven clinical studies.  These facts do not concern me...not looking to start any debates on what is "proven" or not, just wondering what other's experiences are if they have used it or know about it.


Re: Anyone else here use Developmental Movement Therapy???

  • I thought you might reply Auntie...

    Our DS is ADHD- Inattentive type and general LD- mostly processing delays with average to above average IQ.  He is 7.

    I appreciate your sharing of what you and others you know have experienced, but I'm curious if you have REALLY read about what the therapy involves, how it addresses specific deficits, and it's underlying core of developmental cognitive functions.

    It seems to me that after a lot of studying on my part (I feel like I could have completed a M.A. level class by now..) I have a good understanding on brain development- including primitive reflexes which is a LARGE part of what this therapy addresses. 

    Additionally, there is a strong correlation between traumatic births (prolonged labor or precipitive labor, placenta previa, high foreceps or ventouse extraction, breech, cesarian, cord around the neck, fetal distress, premature or postmature) as well as issues in pregnancy and newborn disorders and infancy issues in relation to later developmental issues (learning and attention, for example).

    The primitive reflexes thing is huge, and not "new" as it's been studied for hundreds of years.  Does it not make sense that after seeing that certain reflexes are still present (the moro reflex, for example) when they are not supposed to be that that would cause significant issues?

    I agree that maturity will play a big role in my son's development, but I find medication to be a band-aid that doesn't address the ROOT of the issue.  Not looking to start a debate about it...I totally respect everyones decisions to do what they need to do. 

    Lastly, DMT is one therapy used on adults with traumatic brain disorders.  Re-training or re-wiring the brain is proven to work. 

  • Auntie,

    You didn't respond to the primitive reflexes component.  What are your thoughts on that- specifically, reflexes still being present after they should be and this contributing to things being screwy with brain function.

    Additionally, you've said you have read up on all the "biggies"- so, have you really read in depth  on DMT?

    Sorry, but what is ESDM?

    Next, can you talk a little more about what you say is the current thinking in regards to traumatic births?  Who/what says this is the current thinking?  Are you saying then that the damaged fetus causes a traumatic birth?

    And  last, how old is your son now and are you seeing progress every year that he gets older?  Well, I'm sure you're seeing progress, but what I mean is, how much to you think just "growing up" helps matters....???





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