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Unhappy after feeds, and esp in evenings?

DD is difficult to soothe after a feed. She's happy for a while but once she's tired again, it's kind of a nightmare. Not interested in a pacifier. DH or I usually have to just try to calm her by rocking & walking around the house. It can take ages till she finally conks out. Any suggestions anyone?

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Re: Unhappy after feeds, and esp in evenings?

  • I don't know, but I'll be watching this thread.  My DD is exactly the same way.
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  • my ds is same way.  usually at night is when he is fussy anyway, but after a feeding he just fusses and fusses for hours. its miserable.
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  • Same here! I try everything I can & have ended up crying myself several times when I can't find anything to soothe her.


  • We have this issue too!  I BF, so if he falls asleep while feeding he does ok, but when he wants to have an awake time he tends to get overtired and not able to calm down (esp at 3 am).  We have tried the Happiest Baby techniques and some kind of work, but usually I just wait it out until the next feeding and nurse him to sleep.  It can be a nightmare!  Who else has advice??
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  • DS used to be like this every night. We started using gripewater and it made a huge difference!

    He also sometimes does this when he is overtired... he'll scream and cry and won't be happy being held or rocked. When this has happened, I've actually just put him in his crib and he was out like a light in about thirty seconds! 

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