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POLL: Resolutions?

What's yours?Mine is to take up a new hobby, perhaps piano since we have one. My unrealistic one is to grow my hair out.

Re: POLL: Resolutions?

  • Lose the baby weight! I have LOTS of work ahead of me!
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  • To take great care of myself so I can take better care of my family. And learn to sing better to DS :-) 
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  • Mine is to get the house organized. We just bought a bigger house this summer and I have no reason not to get it in order.

    Also I have a craft room now and I need to get that together. I want to learn to thread my sewing machine. Embarrassed

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  • image AverysMom1118:
    Lose the baby weight! I have LOTS of work ahead of me!

    Me too!  I started tracking on thedailyplate.com 2 days ago.

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  • H and I decided ours is to work out the kinks in our marriage. This is a huge improvement from where we were a week ago. Smile
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