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Has anyone used lilypadz before? And how did you like them?

With DS I leaked allll the time and the cotton breast pads just didn't cut it. Plus, I felt like they were very bulky. I would love any feedback on why or why not to use lilypadz!


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  • I received these as a gift from my mom...I haven't tried them out yet, cause if they don't work, I want her to be able to return them.

    If anyone has used 'em I'm also interested in learning how they work out.

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  • Yes, I got them as a gift a few months ago, and they are great! Much more adhesive than I thought they would be, you can wear them without a bra and they will stay on, so you can stop wearing bras to bed! They lose their stickiness over a period of time, and have to be replaced, but like I said, worth it to go braless. I did leak just slightly into them a few times when I let down, but it was just a drop or two. I would definitely recommend them, and my advice is to get the cleaner for them to extend their life. The only con is that if you're prone to thrush, you may want to leave them off sometimes to let your nipples air out.
  • I have the and like them pretty well.  I probably wouldn't wear them all the time either because it seems you need time to let the girls breathe but they are useful.  I definitely cannot go bra-less right now (hopefully later) but they are the most comfortable pads I own over my disposable and re-usable ones.  If more than a small amount of milk pools under them though, watch out!  A lot of milk will break the suction and it will all spill out.  That said though, you have to either be very leaky or wait a long, long time before that happens.  I also noticed a bit of a weird smell if I didn't rinse them between feedings and I had leaked.  (If there was no leakage, no smell.)  The smell never seemed to bother LO, just me.  Amazon has them on sale right now.  I paid around $15 for mine.
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