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Question about Pump

I have been EP'ing since my son was 3 days old due latch issues. We tried for a few weeks after, but found that EPing was less stressful for both of us. I have been using a rented Medela Symphony but now am looking to purchase a pump. I have been looking at the PISA and am just wondering if it is more portable and as powerful as the Symphony. Does the PISA have a battery option? How heavy and bulky is it? I don't think I need to go as small as the Freestyle and have read a lot of reviews about leaking issues, etc. with it. The Symphony is huge, bulky and I have to use a power converter when I want to pump in the car. I would like something that is smaller and more portable, but I want to make sure my supply isn't affected.


Re: Question about Pump

  • I have never used the Symphony, but I have the PISA.  It's not very heavy, it comes with a plug that can be used with batteries, and you can buy a car adaptor for like 22.00 at BRU.  I mostly BF but have pumped a frozen stash and will be pumping at 3 times at work starting Monday :( 
  • I EP and use a PISA with no problems.  I just use the battery pack in the car b/c I don't need to pump in the car very often, but as PP said you can get a car adapter.  I have the backpack style.  I took it to work every day until I quit my job last week and it was easy to transport. 
    Good luck!
  • I haul the PISA to work every day and pump 3 times a day. It has worked great for us.
  • I have been EPing for 8 months with the PISA. It is very easy to carry around. In fact, I just traveled with it and took it on a plane. It's no bigger or heavier than a purse. I bought a car adaptor but not the Medela one from BRU b/c I wanted to be able to use the car adaptor for anything (like a laptop or whatever).
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