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Has anyones lo had thrush? How do they get it and how do I prevent it next time? The dr isn't open until Tuesday. Should I take him to urgent care?

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  • I don't know how it works if you have it, But my lo had it and we took her to the er, it can sometimes make them not want to eat, make them fussy and it feels like a sore throat. I'd say take him to urgent, but thats just me.

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  • My LO had/has it.  I give him Rx medicine 3x a day. 

     I also think he now has a yeast rash on his butt -- I'm on antibiotics for c-section (maybe passed to him through breast milk?) & his thrush may also have contributed to the rash.  For his butt, I'm using an OTC anti-yeast/anit-fungal cream.

     I also have a Rx cream I use on my nipples after each feeding/pumping session.

    His mouth seems to have cleared up, and I just started trying to clear his butt rash.  


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