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so back in the day when we were preggers with Finn, people had told me about the "crazy lady" at baby junction and her awesomely low prices.  long story short, we bought our crib and mattress for Finn from there at a ridiculously low price.  Fast forward a year and we bought the same crib and mattress for Riley there as well only now the "crazy lady" had retired and her family had taken over.  Prices weren't as low but they were still really low and they were just really great to work with.  Fast forward another year and because of my own OCD issues, we needed to buy another crib mattress.  So I sent them an email asking what their price was for this particular mattress (their store is in Acworth and we live in town and I just didn't want to drive up there to find out).  Anyway, so in emailing with the people they are like "the price is x and we pick up our shipments over by turner field so we could arrange to meet you there if you want?"  um hell yes!  So this was about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  I hadn't heard from them and I had also completely forgotten about it until this week.  So I call them and ask about the mattress and the guy was so apologetic that he just delivered the mattress to MY HOUSE!

Anyway, big fan, thought I would share if anyone needs some baby gear and such, you're going to get great prices and great customer service!


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  • We purchased all of Jackson's furniture from there also. Great prices and service. We ordered our glider from them also. The chair came in but, not the ottoman and when it did they did the same for us in McDonough. I didn't realize she retired. That lady was a hoot. 
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  • Awesome!  We checked them out when I was pg but someone ended up giving us a crib.  I need to remember them for #2.  They are only a few minutes from my house too.
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