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LO is STTN; do I have to still pump?

My DD is 4 mos. old and STTN (about 9 hours or so)--she has been for awhile now but I'm too paranoid my supply is going to tank if I go that long without pumping. Right now I pump about 2 hours after she goes to bed and then typically every 3-4 hours. It's getting a little exhausting. I had supply issues in the first 2 months (I think because back then I wasn't pumping at night, and she was giving me 5 hour stretches even at the beginning) and am now on domperidone. Supply is great and I want to keep it that way but would love more sleep! I already have a nice freezer stash; I'm not back at work yet anyway so it's really not being used at the moment.

 At 4 months is my supply better established now so that I can wean off those night pumping sessions? 

Re: LO is STTN; do I have to still pump?

  • I stopped pumping at night around 3 months when DS started consistently sleeping through the night, a couple of weeks ago he started getting up in the middle of the night so I just used milk I had in the fridge. I would say that if you have plenty stowed away you should be fine. Enjoy sleeping through the night!
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  • I started STTN when LO did too!  At about 2 months,  and I have had no supply problems.  Give your body a week or so to get regulated, and then assess the situation.  Plus, if your LO starts waking up again, you can too. 
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  • Love those answers! My New Year's gift to myself: sleep! I think I'll start gradually increasing the stretches between pumping until I'm STTN as well.
  • I'd take the sleep while you can get it!  My DS slept great until 4.5-5 mo, and then teething, growth spurts, developmental milestones, etc started keeping him up more.  I just usually pump right before I go to bed, so that if he sleeps an 8 hour stretch (like 8p-4a) I won't wake up before he does.
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