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To buy or not to buy..

I'm having a hard time making any decisions. I'm on the fence about buying more BG 4.0 before the buy5get1 sale ends tonight. We currently have:

13 4.0's

2 BB covers with 6 inserts (that haven't been prepped)


1 Thirsties duo wrap

1 Sunbaby

1 Flip cover with stay dry insert

1 econobum cover with insert (that we don't ever use)

(We also have 2 more flip covers with 6 organic inserts that my LO got for christmas that I don't know if I'm keeping or not, we haven't washed them)

Here's my deal.... we pretty much only use the BG and when the stack is getting low, we do laundry. So I'm doing laundry every day. I work 12 hour shifts Fri, Sat, Sun and have an hour commute each way. My DH does the laundry but I still feel like I'm behind when I finally get home for good on Sunday night. Do I just make myself use the other diapers, which I don't hate or do I buy more 4.0's (I'm drying to get the brights!) and sell the unused flips.. Another option that I thought I would do in the first place was to try and make my own and see if I could add to my stash that way.. WWYD?


Re: To buy or not to buy..

  • i say yes. a little wiggle room would be nice.
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  • If you feel like you're constantly behind as it is, buy the BG's with the deal.  If you look back a few pages someone posted a website where you could get that 5+1 deal then buy an extra diaper to have your total over $100 to get one free.  That would be 8 diapers for around $100 which you can't beat in terms of convenience.  Then sell the flips and the BB's and you're not really out a whole $100. 

    So many people on here have a lot of variety in their stash but if you've found one system that you can use exclusively (and do laundry expressly so you can keep using that particular diaper) then I'd say expand your collection of that diaper and sell the rest. 

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  • if you fan on facebook, you can get 10% off your order with the code fb2010. even with the deal. and if you spend over $150, you get a free artist series diaper (put in comments which one you want, but they may substitute).
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