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Birthing Classes?

Did anybody attend a birthing class outside what the hospital offers?  I'm due in April and need to sign up soon, but am not sure about the ones offered at Northside.


Thanks in Advance!


Re: Birthing Classes?

  • We just did the marathon Saturday class at Piedmont and I imagine the classes are similar to Northside's basic classes.  Really it was a what to expect from the hospital type of class.  They showed us the equipment, gave us different scenarios of what could happen, explained the drugs used, that sort of thing.  I think it was sufficient for what we needed.  They didn't cover many different breathing or pain management techniques so if you are set on going natural, you might want to take a specific class outside of the hospital offerings.

    We did take the Northside Infant/Child CPR and First Aid class and that was good.

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