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XP: Just got back from my Fetal Echo

Hi Ladies;

I just got back from my Fetal Echocardiogram US. Its an US where they do an in depth check of the heart for any abnormalities. This was ordered by my Perinatologist bc my baby girl has a 2 vessel cord (SUA). I dont know how to find my previous posts or else I would post the link to the 2v cord post.

Anyways...everything looks great! The baby's heart and all other organs are perfect! But the only thing is that the Amniotic fluid is too high and the baby is measuring a bit ahead (she's 1lb 3 oz) so they think I might have Gestational Diabetes. :(

After all I've been through lately, (high risk for downs, 2 vessel cord and Amnio) GD is nothing but another minor challenge in my book.

I had my 1 hour glucose screening done last week and havent heard anything back. But my doctor would like for me to take the 3 hour glucose even if the 1 hour came back normal. Kinda sucks but its necessary. Hope I dont have GD but as long as the baby is healthy I'll just deal.

Thanks for listening.

Re: XP: Just got back from my Fetal Echo

  • Sounds like great news (minus the GD, but your attitude is amazing and will hopefully get you far!!)

    Good to know that the echo isn't a big deal mine is on Tuesday (due to previous child with a defect) and and I'm a little nervous. 

    DS #1 5.5.07 DS #2 12.3.08 DD 5.21.11
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