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PT AW and a couple questions


I'm proud to announce that our girl has been in diapers this week only for naptime and bedtime, and no accidents AT ALL since maybe Monday!  I even took her to Target yesterday (very quickly and while holding my breath the entire time), and she did great!  Wouldn't pee in their bathroom, but she consented to try, and finally did pee in the little potty I had in the trunk of my car. questions are these:

Do you think she's ready to take her underweared self to daycare next week?  It's also the beginning of a big adjustment for us, as I'm starting work AND she's goign from 2 part-time daycares up to one full-time one.  And she has no idea this will be the case; I have to talk to her about it this weekend. 

When do you think she might poop on the potty?  So far she's done it in her naptime diaper when she wakes up; I'm waiting for the constipation part of this process (this girl is VERY regular, twice a day, so it's interesting that she can hold it until she knows she has a diaper on), and am getting verrrry nervous. :)  Any ideas how we can help her with that part?  I was thinking raisins, juice, anything to help her feel the urge to poop, and then if she can't make it we'll just cope with the accidents.  *gag*  :)


Anything else I'm not thinking of?  Just so excited for her and for our budget, and also a little sad that my baby is getting SO big all of a sudden!  Thanks...

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Re: PT AW and a couple questions

  • Oh, yay!! Way to go, HC! And congratulations on the little raise.

    I don't think it's a big deal that there are changes happening at school and work that would prevent you from putting her in undies. If anything, I think it would give mixed signals if you don't keep her in undies from now on. I say go for it!

    I hope this doesn't totally disgust you, but I'll tell you about poop at our house. In the beginning, I would say, "Mommy has to go poo poo. Who's going to get there first?" And then we'd race to the bathroom. Ethan always won, of course and then I guess he felt like he had to produce. When he pooped, we'd talk about it. How many poops, big poop or little poop, etc. Graphic, I know. But he got excited about it and knock on wood, he's only had one poop accident since we started and it was very early on.

    I'd say just get that diaper off ASAP after nap so she doesn't have a chance to poop in it. That's hard, I know. It's easy to say :) 

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