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good questions...

to ask then doctor in our consults. like i previously posted, we found 2 doctors, and go to see them within the next 2 weeks.. but im trying to get together a list of questions/concerns together .... can anyone recommend any? (besides the obvious of my chances of having a rupture...) 



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  • A big thing for me was how long they would let me go.  I switched at 24w b/c my old midwife group said only 41w and they were hesitant about that since the 4 OBs had differing opinions.

    Then, what happens if you make it to their cutoff?  Induction methods or straight to c/s? 

    How would I be different during pregnancy and L&D than a "normal" vaginal birth?  Monitoring, eating, etc.?

    I'm sure there is a list on ICAN or something like that, but that's what popped into my head.

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  • I asked questions about her birth philosophy because I wanted someone who saw birth as normal and natural and would trust that by body could birth my baby.  I also asked about what we would do if I went post dates.

    I also wanted to know what, if anything would be different about the way they treated my labor vs a first time mom (I wanted the answer to be absolutely nothing).

    I think it is also good to know things like do you get your provider or whoever is on call when you go into labor.  Do they limit movement during labor, allow eating, require an IV, etc.

    I think a really big thing when you are planning a VBAC is to have someone who really believes in VBAC.  That was something we talked about a lot.

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  • In addition to everything the previous posters listed, I would talk to the doctor about the circumstances of your original cesarean and what steps you can take in this pregnancy to avoid having another cesarean.  

    For example, I had my c/s because I pushed for a couple hours and the baby didn't descend.  My doctor said it was because my pelvis was too small but I think the fact that my baby was in the OP position was a big factor.  So I asked about whether they thought my pelvis was big enough, what to do if the baby is OP, what we can try if the baby is not descending well instead of jumping straight to another c/s.  The new OB I picked for this pregnancy was very encouraging.  He told me not to worry about the size of my pelvis and that if I have another OP baby, there are a bunch of things he would try to help me have a vaginal delivery.


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