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Ready to take on the world

I have had two appts that have went amazingly well. Since i started my second trimester i feel like a whole new person no more nausea and have a bit more energy back although there is still some need for the occasional nap. With all the extra energy i want to do everything Big Smile...Me and my fiancee are trying to find names and having some trouble agreeing i like the name Chloe for a girl and Julian for a boy. He's got other ideas Seriphin for a girl and Kalvin for a boy...The naming process is a little overwhelming. Any ideas??

Re: Ready to take on the world

  • I wish I could help but I am in the same boat. DH wouldn't talk about names until we found out the sex of the baby. We just found out yesterday she is a girl. Then last night we realized that we have complete opposite opinions on names. I'm sure we will find something eventually.

     GOOD LUCK! 

  • We went through a few baby name books together to pick out names that we both liked.  It can definitely take some compromise!

    I had the same experience with my second trimester.  :)

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