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How many BRU coupons can I use at once?

Today I finally received my rewards certificates (YAY!!).  I also received a coupon that gives 20% off all nursery items, and my 10% completion coupon.  If I use all of these, I can get my DS's dresser for $164.  Do you think BRU would let me use all of these coupons on one item, or am I pushing my luck?  LOL!
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Re: How many BRU coupons can I use at once?

  • I just got on here to look this up as well!  I think I have used all of mine before at once, but have never maxed out before like I did this  Look at them though, half of mine are good UNTIL the 14th and the rest start on the 15th-29th. 
  • Yeah I thought it was weird how half you can use now and the other you have to wait!
  • My friend tried to use all three at once and they wouldn't let her.  They did allow her to use the rewards certificates with a 20% off coupon, but not along with her completion coupon.
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