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Met my first big pregnancy goal!

I don't post much, but I wanted to share some good news with others who might be able to relate....

In my first pregnancy I developed severe pre-e during my 25th wk and my DD was delivered at just 27 wks... as of today, I'm two days farther along than I got last time and so far my blood pressure is great! Feeling really relieved to have made it this far, and hoping others who are aiming to meet or beat their high-risk pregnancy goals also have success heading into the new year : )

My next personal goal is 30 weeks... then maybe I can start imagining what going to term would be like!

Re: Met my first big pregnancy goal!

  • That is great! I had twins at 24 weeks before so that is my goal. I have a cerclage so  hopefully I will go to full term but I think I will be relieved to get past the 24 week mark.
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  • Tomorrow I will be officially further along that I got with ds due to severe pre-e!

    My BP is amazing and I'm so excited.

    NOW, I have been on bedrest for 2 months due to an aburtion that can be related to a blood clotting disorder that I may have that caused pre-e and abrutions.

    BUT, I'm doing great and I'd rather have bedrest that what I went through last time with the severe pre-e.

    Best of luck to you to an very uneventful remainder of pregnancy!

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