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Hi loves,

I just wanted to give everyone an update.  I had an endoscopy, EKG and echocardiogram yesterday.  All went well except when I got to the endoscopy...I woke up in the middle of the procedure and tried to pull the "scope" out.  No real damage done.  The Dr who did the procedure thinks I have chronic indigestion.  No real surprise there.  I saw my regular doctor on Monday.  He is fairly convinced I have a tumor on my pituitary gland due to my blood work.  One of my enzymes, prolacton, came back very high.  I now have to have an MRI with contrast to determine if I do indeed have a tumor.  That's it for now.  


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Re: Update

  • This is good news!  Sounds like some of our T&P have been answered!
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    PM me for the new blog address!
  • I can't believe how long all of this uncertainty re: your health has been going on for you. It must be unbelievably scary. I hope it's not a tumor but that you get answers soon. I think about you often and definitely hope for the best.
  • I'm glad to hear they are getting closer to a solution. I hope that it goes quick and you can be feeling better soon!
    Life isn't fair but it's still good.

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  • OMG, I think waking up would during a procedure would be on the top of my freak-out list.  Thank goodness there was no damage done, but wow.  Indifferent  Thinking of you and hoping you have answers soon!  Stay strong girl! 
  • I hope everything goes well with the MRI.  Continued T&P!!
  • Wow, that sucks!  I can't even imagine waking during a procedure.  I hope the MRI goes well and you get some results soon!
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