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Birth story

HI everyone!  We are home with Julianne, all the family is gone, and we can finally get ourselves back on schedule (what a relief!)

First things first~ our birth story

On Dec 26th, I laid down around 2pm and took the first (and only) nap I've had since being pregnant.  DH woke me up at dinner and asked if I was sick or something.  Just worn out, I told him.

The two of us came upstairs around 10pm to go to sleep.  Well, of course, I was not tired since I had a nap, so I just relaxed and tried to take advantage of the quiet.  Around 1030, I had my first contraction.  It was more intense than the few BH I'd had, but not too painful.  I tried to doze off, but had about 3 more.

I got out of bed and decided to take a shower, just in case.  Before  I jumped in, I woke DH up and told him about the contractions.  I had 2 more in the shower that were MUCH more intense than the first ones.

By now, it was a little after 11pm, so I told him we should probably think about going to the hospital to get checked out.  contractions were about 5 mins apart and only 20-30 secs.

I woke up my sister, so she could go to the hospital with us, and told my Nana we were leaving so she could lay down with C, who was in our bed.

My sis, DH and I jumped in the car and headed to UNC--about 30 mins for us.  While in the car, I had my sister time my contractions on an iphone app I downloaded.  They slowed down and were less intense in the car, so I thought maybe it was false labor.

By the time we got to UNC, the contractions picked back up and were pretty intense again. I could feel a lot of downward pressure, and I was just wishing my water would break to relieve some of the discomfort.

We planned to have an unmedicatied birth, but by the time we got up to L&D, I was telling DH to get me an epidural.  Right when I got into the triage room to be checked, I told the nurse to get me the epi.  My midwife came in and told me to wait to see how dilated I was before making an epi decision.  She checked me and said I was 8.

When she left the room, I told DH "she's lying!  She just doesn't want to give me the epi."  They wheeled me into the delivery room, and my contractions were crazy.  The nurse came in to give me an IV so they could get the epi in, but the contractions were too quick, so I would not let her stick me with the needle. 

Within 10 mins, I was pushing, and there was no time for an epi (thank goodness).  Baby girl was born at 1:55am!!

GOtta run--finish this later!!  Baby girl is up and ready to eat.


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