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An Aww on my little guy

I never realized how much our little guy understands until he finally learned to sign please the other day. I am truly amazed now that he has just that one word down to sign that he really does understand more than I gave him credit for. We'd been working on it with him for a few months and the other night for some reason (no idea) but it's like it just clicked. Now he'll crawl over to us and put his hands up, we'll say "Up?" and he'll sign please. Life is just a little easier all of the sudden! Smile

Re: An Aww on my little guy

  • Isn't it great?  I love communicating and it only gets better and better as they learn more. 

    Even when they can speak the words those little signs are adorable though.  Ben has always liked doing the sign for "more" and he still does it. 

    My sweet boy :)
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