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Low amniotic fluid?

Has anyone been told they have this?  What are you doing for it?  I was told bed rest and lots of fluids for a week and then they will check my progression next week. 
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Re: Low amniotic fluid?

  • We were told the same thing with one of our twins. However, after 3 weeks of drinking a gallon of water a day, our DD still has less than her brother, but is within the normal range. Our peri told us its just a wait and see. Good Luck. I know how hard it is to wait.

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  • I found out at 29 weeks that I had low fluid. It had dropped from 14cm to 10cm in one week so I was put on bedrest & told to drink about a gallon of water a day. The fluid continued to drop, but only got as low as 7.8 before it started going back up. I am still only at 10 but because we are showing an upward trend, they took me off bedrest (4 weeks total). The baby is still growing on target and even caught up a week (had been measuring 2 weeks behind) so it looks like she hasn't been effected! From what I've heard, as long as you stay above a 5, you should be good. Anything lower, and they told me they would have to consider going to the hospital for delivery.
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  • this just happened to me yesterday at 19w.  I'm pg with twins and one has low fluid.  other is fine. 

    I didn't get a # of how low the fluid is.  will need to ask. I was just so shocked yesterday by the news that I didn't think to ask for details.

    I was put on bedrest now and told to drink "a lot".  go back for another u/s in 1 week.

    thanks for asking question and thanks to other posters for responding.  I didn't know what "a lot" of water meant.  Glad to hear that your babies are hanging in there and things improved with rest and increased water intake.


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