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post partum hemmorhage and future deliveries question

Hey yall. I had my first little girl 3.5 months ago. I went into labor on my own (water broke) and wasnt progressing so they gave me pit to help speed things along. I had an epi and the delivery was easy.

After delivery is when all heck broke lose. I had uterine atony (where your uterus doesnt clamp down and you continue to bleed) along with a vertical tear down my cervix. I had to have two blood transfusions for the amount of blood lost. 

My question is did any of you have post partum hemmorrhages or uterine atony with one of your deliveries and then go on to have a successful delivery without the same complications?? 

I want a few more kids but am struggling with fear and success stories would be great to hear! Thanks!! 

Re: post partum hemmorhage and future deliveries question

  • I really hope that I can give you a success story in about a month... I also had uterine atony, and needed two units of blood after delivery.  I had a lot of anxiety coming into this pregnancy, as well as throughout. I am extremely fearful of it happening again, but my MW keeps reassuring me things will be different this time- I'm not laboring, and going straight to a c/s (last time was emer. c/s after extended pushing.  While I can't give ou a success story yet- I totally understand your fears, especially only 3 months out- I am 2.5 years after it, and still feel that way.
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  • With my son I had uterine atony.  I required blood but can't remember how much.  It's all a blur.  But - good news is, two weeks ago I gave birth to my second son and there was no hemorraghing.  I was terrified of a repeat performance.  I had a lot of other complications - but nothing to do with unterine atony.  I was given extra pitocin and stayed on that for about 8 hours post delivery to ensure that my uterus kept contracting.  We also checked me for some underlying bleeding disorders prior to my delivery just to know whether I had them so we could also take precautions. 

    I hope that gives you some peace of mind.  I was also terrified.  The first time was so traumatic to go through.  But this time it all went as it should.  Good luck!!

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  • I had atony with my first, I almost died. They actually called a code. I don't remember hardly anything since I was out cold but I did receive alot of blood. I was told that it probably won't happen again. It did just as bad the second time but they knew my history and acted quicky. I also have an incometant cervix because of injury to my cervix. I only have c/sections now and have a cerclage. My last delivery via c/section was a breeze compared to the first. Good luck, I hope you have no problems next time.
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