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Ear Infection

I am 8 weeks and 2 day. My right ear started hurting Sunday night after I had cleaned it. Monday I though i would put a small amount of warm water in my ear and now it is hurting worse. I have never had an ear infection. I was wondering if I should get to the doctor or just see if it will pass. I thought about using some swimmers ear drops. What should I do? 

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Re: Ear Infection

  • I would call your Dr to see what they say. It could be an ear infection and if so, it won't pass on...it can actually cause your ear drum to burst from my understanding.

  • Ditto - I'd give your doc a call if it's still hurting. If it does turn out to be an ear infection, there are antibiotics (you'd probably get prescription ear drops) that are safe to use during pregnancy.

    Hope it starts feeling better soon!

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