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How did you introduce meats to LO?

So DS has been doing great with pretty much anything I've introduced, with the exception he wasn't having the bananas I gave him last night, which I found funny, since he's had them before.  So we're moving on to stage 2 foods, and was just curious about meats...  How did you go about doing this?  For some reason the jarred pured meat stuff give me the heebee jeebeez!  My sister in law said she pured some ground turkey and mixed it with her LO's formula. 

Any advice would be great!  I know that food isn't a source of nutrition, it's the texture and getting LO used to the taste, so I'm just wanting to expose him to a good variety of things.


Re: How did you introduce meats to LO?

  • the pureed meats smell like cat food.  They made me gag.  So I only used them a few times.  The only one that didn't completely gross me out was a spaghetti with meat sauce puree.
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  • I started making a combo of beef, starch, and veggies.  I mixed very lean chopped beef (or bison), tomatoes, a pinch of onion and garlic, and some rice in a puree.  I also made a chicken and rice with spinach version.  Both went over very well.  The hard part is to make sure it's not too dry - make sure you reserve some cooking liquid or broth would work, too.

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  • I skipped the meat purees altogether. They squicked me out too much. I think I started Geneva on tiny bits of chicken and ground beef/turkey. She was fully on solids by 6 mos., but it was probably closer to 8 or 9 months before I gave her the hard stuff. She just got tiny nibbles of whatever DH and I were eating (including all the seasonings and spices).
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  • This website has some good looking recipes if you are interested in making your own baby food 

  • i just waited till  9ish months and gave Ally very small pieces of tender chicken. Later  I would also mash rice and beans with a little bit of ground beef.   the pureed stuff does smell yucky
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  • I cooked chicken breast (foil packets, grilled etc.) cut into small pieces and pureed.  Gross, but he loved it.  I also pureed ground turkey and beef.  He ate it up!  Of course I was mixing it with various veggies and a starch, but seriously I totally thought he'd spit it right out, nope, ate all of it!

    I'd give him an ounce at a time and freeze the rest in cubes.

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  • imageyellowtulips80:
    the pureed meats smell like cat food.  They made me gag. .
    Me too! I made a giant pot of chicken veggie stew and pureed. Then I did the same for beef veggie. I think he ate the chicken/veggie puree combo for lunch almost daily even after he started finger foods.
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  • Thanks ladies!  I was either going to wait until he could nibble on small bites or try the pureed home made stuff.  I think I'll try the home made route first and see what happens.  Worst case if Matthew gags, we'll wait until he can grab and nibble on small bits.

    Thank you!!!

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