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Insurance frustrations


Sorry, just needed to get that out.  I just got off the phone with the "customer no-service" at my insurance company to extend out of network coverage for my daughter's therapists for 2011.  It is like beating your head against the wall sometimes.  The only good thing is that, once you get past the BS and into the meat of my coverage, I have REALLY good insurance.  I think that they find the most unemotional, scripted people to work there though. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Insurance frustrations

  • You'd think with all the money made in the insurance biz that they would hire people with the capability of at least pretending to care.

    Why do they not take the time to teach their employees more about the company and the potential needs of the customers, so that any employee can be the one to at least connect you with the right people?

    Hang in there! :) 

  • Totally get it! My son has 3 insurances on him and it can be such a struggle. I always just ask to speak directly to the the supervisor. Now I have the direct supervisors line and I never call the toll free number to only get someone on the line who doesn't know anything or doesn't have the power to do anything for me. It has helped out a lot!

    Hang in there! 

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  • Can you get a nurse case manager assigned to you? We did that through our insurance and it makes everything so much easier. You have one person to call for everything, they call YOU to check in and see what you need, and I swear more services and such get approved when you have a NCM. 
  • I'm pretty sure my blood pressure went up just reading the title of your post. In other words, I've had run ins with insurance too, and I can empathize :) I hope it gets sorted out soon!
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