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When are you taking down the tree and decorations?

I really want to do this before I go back to work (like tomorrow), but we generally leave them up until the 6th or so.
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Re: When are you taking down the tree and decorations?

  • We usually leave them up until Kings Day, but this year it will a little longer. My mom is coming into town sometime in the next couple weeks to have Christmas with me and my sister at my house. So, I told her that I'd leave my decorations up until then. I'm ready to do it today though. I love the decorations, but my house just seems so cluttered right now, its driving me nuts!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • Sometime after the 6th...not exactly sure when since it will depend some on DH's work schedule and I'm too lazy to figure it out now. 
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  • Probably New Years day or the next.






  • I'm ready now...but we'll do it after New Years
    Grant Thomas 8.8.06 and Reid Alexander 8.11.08
  • I'm ready now too, but my sister comes in town tomorrow so I guess I will leave it up until NY day and let her help take it down!
  • Probably this weekend.
  • This year I'll be taking the stuff down around the second weekend of Jan.
  • Pre-baby, we would leave them up until New Year's day.  But since she was born on Dec. 30, we've decided to get them down before then so that she doesn't mix up Christmas and her birthday (except we get a reprieve this year since she has no idea  - haha)

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  • Well, since my office is closed on the 3rd (instead of the 31st) and daycare is open that day, I'm going to use that toddler-free time to take down the tree and take the dogs to the vet.
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  • Normally New Years Day. But this year we took them down today, because we are heading out of town tomorrow and because I had a pretty shitty Christmas (long boring reasons) and just was pretty much done with Christmas now.
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  • my mom took ours down yesterday thankfully because I have no energy to do it
  • I took down the tree today.
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  • I normally have the tree down by now, but for some reason I have no desire to do it.  I guess it will happen this week or next (maybe once the kids are back in school).
  • TOMMOROW!!! I hope.  But my MIL is visiting us and will probably protest. I am tired of looking at it.
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  • I want it down by the weekend, I like to ring in the new year all fresh and clean! 
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  • We usually wait till after New Years, but yesterday dh let me sleep in and when I woke up he had taken it all down. I was thrilled that I didn't have to do it.

    The tree was making a mess, it's been up since Thanksgiving and the needles were everywhere.  

  • After Jan. 6th (so the weekend after New Years)
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