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I need a new washing machine

Of course, on a large load of towels, my washing machine stopped working (again) right before the spin cycle.  I had to pull about 30 lbs of soaking wet towels out, squeeze them and then put them in the dryer and hope it doesn't burn the motor in that.  Where did you get your washing machine?  I don't have a lot of money...gotta love house issues during the holdiays!

Re: I need a new washing machine

  • Check brandsmart and appliancesmart they usually have some scratch and dent deals.
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  • Check craigslist. We sold our washer and dryer on there not too long ago for DIRT cheap and it was in perfect condition. Go to a store and find a few models you like and search craigslist to see if you can find the same models 
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  • We just replaced ours after Thanksgiving. We bought a LG set from Home Depot. They had a good sale going on and free financing for 18 months. They weren't the cheapest but we decided it made sense to replace both at the same time since they were both pretty old and there was no telling how much longer the washer would last. It was our dryer that was breaking. We sold the old set on CL for cheap. I've been very happy with the new set. Wow what a difference! GL and hope you find a good deal! I'm sure there are a lot of end of the year sales going on right now.
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  • We got a new set at Lowe's over the summer.  We had to get a new fridge in September, and ended up going to ApplianceSmart for that.  I SO wish we had waited to go to A.S. for the washer/dryer because there were sets that are definitely better than ours for less.  They were definitely some of the best prices and selection!
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