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I think I see something new in your siggy. Congratulations! :-)

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Re: *erin_aaronsbaby*

  • WTF, crazy posts...gonna try to get rid of some of those!

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  • I noticed that on your response this morning too and was gonna post something about it but wasn't sure if i had missed the announcement or something! CONGRATS!
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  • LOL, nah, no announcement...just trying to see what happens at this point. I haven't even told DH yet. I miscarried twice prior to Wesley, so I'm a little reluctant to mention it to him until I've been to the doctor. Just keep us in your T&Ps :) Thanks again!

  • Congratulations!  H&H 9 mo.
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  • Congrats!  Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for you!!
    "Christmas 2011"

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  • Congrats!!!!!!!
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    ***Baby #3: BFP Mother

  • Awww congrats! Prayers for a healthy 9 months. :)
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