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HELLP Syndrome

During your delivery, did any of you experience HELLP syndrome?  If so, did you have any more children after that?  I was diagnosed with HELLP during my labor and delivery and was at a very high risk of dying during my C-section...My husband and I always wanted to have more kids, but I'm scared that I could go through this again... If anyone has gone through this and had more children, could you please let me know what precautions were taken?  Thanks!

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  • I would ask this on the high risk pregnancy board since a lot of people have Pre-e before it gets to HELLP. Or ont he 0-3 or 3-6 month boards. GL
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  • I was diagnosed with pre-e and HELLP at the very end of my pregnancy (LO was delivered at 41w6d), I got very sick very quickly. I understand your worry and concern. Have you talked to your OB about this? You could also make an appointment with a MFM to see what s/he thinks.

    We chose to be "one and done", BUT, it is a very personal decision. There are also other factors invloved (my age, the likelihood of needing to do IVF again to even get pregnant, and my severe PPD are the major other factors). The OB who delivered my son (by emergency c-section) told me that I likely would have a 25-30% chance of developing pre-e & HELLP again. The odds are in your favor AND, knowing that you have a predisposition, your OB will more closely monitor future pregnancies. Many women go on to have more children. There are options. I hope you are able to find the help and support you need to make your decision.
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