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maternity clothes for butch girls??

I'm sure this has been asked many many times but I'm finding the prospect of maternity clothes more daunting than anything else I've read - being the most non-girl like you can get, anyone have any advice on where to get comfortable but not ridiculous girly maternity clothes?  thanks all. 

Re: maternity clothes for butch girls??

  • Depending on your body and how it changes you may be able to get away with larger non-maternity shirts and sweatshirts.  For jeans - Old Navy is pretty good.  I also got a bunch of tank tops (wife beater style) from Old Navy.  Old Navy also tends to have a lot of shirts that are solid colors or stripes so they aren't too frilly.  Sorry I can't be of more help, hopefully someone else will have suggestions for you.

  • DW and I talked about this as she thought about carrying #2 and whe is as non-girly as you can get (in fact she has been called sir on several occasions....). She decided she was just going to pull out the larger sized clothes she had from before her lapband surgery. She also already wears her pants low on her waist, well under her belly area. I was able to get away with wearing all my pre-preggo pants this way until about 8 months along and some up until my due date.
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  • My partner gets called 'sir' all the time, and she had no problem finding clothes.  She got a few good pairs of maternity jeans from Motherhood, and bought button-front shirts as needed, or just wore her regular shirts unbuttoned over a maternity t-shirt (which are really just regular shirts with much longer lengths).  Easy.
  • thanks everyone!
  • This was the most daunting for E too, and she struggled for the first two trimesters, and since she was carrying twins, it all happened very quickly. She bought two of thos belly bands in black, and basically was able to wear the same or slightly larger pants and tshirts with that. And it was more comfortable, since its cotton. Also, she bought larger size guys button down shirts from target, to wear over the tshirts etc, and that worked for most of the pregnancy. She also really wants to start a clothing line for butch preggos!
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