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Hi! A few newborn questions... (long)

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have recovered from the traveling and family. Christmas through a three year old's eyes really is amazing. Of course getting up early was no problem at all with a newborn in the house! I was worried Santa might not come if I was caught awake for a feeding when he came by.

It's seems like it has been a long time since I have done this newborn thing! With John I didn't have a good supply so we supplemented starting at one week and I never really pumped much. With Ryan I have been EP and havin a pretty good supply - about three days ahead of what he is eating. But I guess with the holidays I got off of  a good pumping routine so my supply dropped and I am down to only about 2 days ahead. I've been trying to get back on a better schedule but I go back to work next week so I'll have to change my schedule again. He has been sleeping ok at night and waking every three hours to the minute most nights. Obviously I would like for him to sleep a little longer stretch at night once I go back to work.

So, here's my question, would you start supplementing with formula for at least one of the night bottles? If so, do you do half BM and half formula? I'm super excited that I have been able to use BM this long and would like to continue to provide at least half of his bottles as BM for a few more weeks - maybe to three months - but selfishly I really want to stop wearing a bra to bed and pumping! 

Question #2, did you have to cut out dairy while BF? How did you know to cut it out? Did you find it helped or were there other foods that also caused discomfort? About every 2-3 days Ryan gets horrible stinky gas and eventually has a blowout complete with a big smile. He grunts like a baby billy goat while passing gas and keeps us and himself up at night. Pedaling his legs and laying him on his belly seem to help his discomfort but it still lasts awhile. Any tips? diet changes?



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Re: Hi! A few newborn questions... (long)

  • Hey Girl!  I hope you had a great Christmas!!  We definitely miss you around here!

    YAY for a good supply so far!  I can't answer any of your questions about supplimenting but with C, I never changed my diet.  He had his moments of bad gas and blowouts but I think it was just normal baby stuff, not really much to do with what I had to eat.

    I can't believe you are going back to work already.  Has it really been that long?  We need to gtg!!!!

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  • I had to supplement early on - my supply was never as good as what you have now. I mixed 1/2 and 1/2, but I added the BM after mixing the formula - so I could "swirl" the BM and not lose any of the nutrients or whatever...I BF'd until Wesley was 4 months (I went back to work when he was 2 months old) and pumped at work, the BF'd before and after work.

    As far as diet, I did not cut out dairy (I'm not much of a dairy person anyway), but I did have to cut out my onion, garlic, cabbage and broccoli intake. They made Wesley MISERABLE! Although, even that didn't help a whole lot. Also, we talked to our pedi, and switched him to tummy sleeping after a month since he would sleep more than 4 hours that way at night. Anyway, good luck!

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  • Cora has a dairy sensitivity. Not a full blown allergy. If I have any dairy at all, she is a gassy fussy mess. I figured it out by taking dairy out of my diet. I went without for 3 days and noticed an improvement. On the 4th day, I ate something with dairy and sure enough, she was a gassy fussy mess. Basically you eliminate one food at a time for several days, reintroduce it to see if it makes a difference. If the baby has a dairy sensitivity, supplementing with formula is going to be a problem. Most kids that have a problem with dairy, have a problem with the milk protein, not lactose. Also, most kids that have a problem with milk protein will also have a problem with soy protein, not to mention that soy isnt all that great for you.
  • Yay for a good supply, that is awesome! I had a low supply with both my DD and now my DS, so I supplement. What I normally do is nurse and then after 30 minutes to an hour, I give him a bottle (I did not do this at night, luckily just nursing is enough for him so he does not need a bottle). But if I have expressed milk, I do mix half and half. I do like the previous poster said and mix the formula up first and then add the breast milk.

    No advice on the dairy, I did cut it out with Ashley b/c she was SOOO fussy, but it did not make any different at all, I have kept my regular diet with Peyton. Good luck, you are doing great!!

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