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Dear ssh ornament recipient,

You don't know who you are but I have some sad news.  Fed Ex has lost your package.  I put it in the box last Friday and when I enter in the tracking number, it is tells me 'No information for the following shipments has been received by our system yet'. It should have been delivered today. They have launched an investigation but they aren't showing any package going to your home in the system and the tracking number that was generated has "too many numbers" so I am being told there is little they can do. If it doesn't make it there by next week, I will try to recreate my genius :) and send out another.  I am sorry - I hope it finds it's way to you.


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Re: Dear ssh ornament recipient,

  • This made me laugh a little. I am sorry for the fiasco, but the way you wrote it was cute. Big Smile And it could be mine...

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday anyway!!!

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    The estimated delivery date is tomorrow!!!  (about 9 days late, but better late than never)! Yay!!! Merry Christmas - or should I say.. Happy New Year!!!

     (ps - I hope you have a good chuckle over one of the is a little cheesy but I thought it was fitting) 

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