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doc says C-Section is a must

hey ladies!  my doctor is insiting that i have a C-Section for my first baby (due in late August). i had a myomectomy ( a vertical incision removing several fibroids) 6 months a go, the dr. says my uterus is too weak to labor. i do trust my doctor, he has been my ob/gyn since i was 18. should i fight him on this? should i get a 2nd opinion?  should i just have the C-Section? 


Re: doc says C-Section is a must

  • I'm hoping this isn't mud but given this could be an AE, posting a senstive topic and low post's highly likely.
  • The vertical incisions into uterus do lead to a greater chance of rupture. Sounds like your dr is trying to keep you and baby as safe as possible.

     It never hurts to get a second opinion. You can also ask what are the risks to you and baby if you did a trial of labor. What are your chances of  rupture?  If having a vaginal delivery is important to you, I would go this route. I'd also consider how many children you would like to have and bring that up to your dr as well.

     All in all, I'm inclined to think that your dr is trying to make the safest decision for you. If you choose the c/s, create a birth wish list to make it a special experience for you and your husband. 

     Good Luck!


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  • @libit923:  I'm not sure what you mean by a mud?  I just join this site and am only 6 wks pregnant, that is why i have a low post count.  sorry if i offended you in some way.

    @strawberrywine: thank you! i will get a 2nd opinion and talk with my doctor more at my next visit.  thanks for the advice, it always helps to hear from more experienced mamas! Smile

  • I think it never hurts to get a second opinion.  A vertical incision is generally considered incompatible with VBAC because it has higher rates of rupture.  But since your incision was from a procedure other than a c/s, it could be a different scenario than a vertical incision for a c/s--if it's in a different part of the uterus or a different size, for example.  I've heard that low vertical incisions can still be safe for VBAC. If you have a high vertical incision, VBAC may not be safe.  This is my purely non-medical conjecture so take it for what it's worth.  

    Here's a study finding that low vertical incisions don't appear to be any riskier for rupture than low transverse incisions: 



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  • I don't see anything MUD woththy, so I wouldn't sweat it. 
    I thought with the incision you had to get a c-section, but they could have changed rules since I last read up on them.  Another opinion couldn't hurt either. 

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  • thank you ladies! thanks especially for the online article, i will look into that.  i'll hang around this board for more info/encouragement!


    PS-- not sure if i could/would make up a situation like this. like most moms i want to have a vaginal/natural birth, rather than the drama of a c-section. no MUD here.

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