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Visit w the ILs

Well I didn't need to call the holiday stress hotline. They are still buzzard compared to what I am used to, family wise, but overall this was a good visit. We got off to a rough start but that was more in my H. When we arrived at nearly midnight, both kids were asleep and MIL got right in E's face and woke her up. While I politely tried to get her to leave the bedroom DH came in w L and started doing all these "hello how are you" pleasantries which woke up L. And I'm just trying to keep E from being overstimulated and wake fully up. I'm waving everyone out with my hand silently when I finally said in a whisper yell "GET OUT!". Dh thought that was rude so we exchanged words before bed and then we were good. It took another hour to get the kids back to sleep. The ILs were good to us for Xmas. Evie got her princess bed (early) plus snow white, an ugly mirror but who cares and something else I don't remeber. Liam got his racing wall decal. I got a g/ c for a mani/pedi and cash. Everyone got along except my ILs had a big fight (not like them at all) and wleachnof them confided in us. MIL to me, FIL to DH. I think they got over it but it was weird thye weren't even talking to each other. One funny thing was the dreaded meals w my MIL. She made this horrid potato salad that she makes every Xmas. I just plan for it make sure to eat a bigger salad to compensate. And the next day she made London broil-- IN THE MICROWAVE!! Good thing I made the gnocchi. She has no clue about food and I have actual anxiety when I know I have to eat there. But I survived. We're almost home now. The kids are sick. L is coming down w a cough. I have a pedi appt tommorrow. I just can't wait to sleep in my bed.

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