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MIA, A cautionary Tale...

Make sure you take care of yourself.  I did not, I did not want to accept my PPD diagnosis; I was ashamed, embarrassed and devastated with it.  I couldn't understand why I could handle things before and now I was unable to.  I ignored things that I should not have for way too long (I was diagnosed with A was about 4-5 months) and I paid the price.  I hurt my family and said just awful things to my DH.

I know I am being a little vague, but it is not something that I want posted all over the web, but it was not good...  And, part of me is just not ready to talk about what happened.

What I do want to say is that those of you who sent me Christmas cards really lifted my spirits and could not have come at a more perfect time.  It reminded me that you are all always here if I need support and I need to remember to use your shoulders to cry, vent and *** to.

I'm doing better and I can email those of you that want the dirty details...but it might not be for a few weeks.  We had a wonderful Christmas and I have an incredible DH who told my parents in the middle of my breakdown that he is not leaving and he is in it for the long haul.  I am just counting my blessings of a supportive family, a wonderful DH, and a group of women I can trust my feelings with.  So thank you!

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  • Judy. Im so sorry that you went through that.  Im glad that you finally realized that it was ok to get help though, and your DH sounds like a great one!  I think it is great that you are sharing too, because Im sure it will help some others.  Hugs! 

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  • I'm so sorry that it got to this point for you. I'm happy to hear that your DH is supportive. I hope you are finding the help you need, & I hope you are starting to feel better. I have watched one of my besties battle PPD, & I have seen how incredibly difficult it can be. Don't be a stranger--we are here for you! {{HUGS}}
  • Judy, I am so sorry. I know exactly what you are going through. We are here for you. I am glad that you have an understanding person by your side. Take care of yourself. We are here if you need anything.
  • I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I am glad to hear things are looking up, though, and that your husband is so supportive.
  • Aw sweetie, lots of HUGS!! 

  • huge hugs sweetie. You will find your way through this. I promise. It sounds like DH and your family are offering great support. Please remember to be kind to yourself, as nothing you did caused you get PPD. It just happens due to hormones and some other stuff, which I'm sure you know. But I hope you can be gentle with yourself. With love you so much and are here for you in however you need. Please reach out if you need anything, even if it is just a virtual hug.
  • lots of ((hugs)) I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but so happy that you have such a great support system!

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  • ((tons of hugs))  Feel better soon and I am glad that your DH is being amazing. 
  • Love you hun.

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this.  Lots of hugs to you!  Sounds like your DH is a good support for you.  We are here for you anytime!  Thinking of you!
  • I am so sorry that you had to go through that. It sounds like you have an amazing husband. Glad to hear things are getting better, thinking of you
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  • Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry Judy.  I'm glad to hear how supportive your DH and family are. Please know that we are all here for you and we <3 you!  Lots of hugs. 
  • Aw Judy, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this.  Thankfully, it sounds like you have a wonderful family, totally ready to help you in any way they can. 

    Take care of yourself dear, you know we're always here for you!

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