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Questions for Recruiters

I asked this on The Nest Military board as well but maybe you all can help too. 

H and I are starting to visit with recruiters this week from different branches to see what best fits us. I pulled some questions from the MN page but is there anything else that I am not thinking of that we should ask about?

Is there any questions you wished you would have asked up front?

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Re: Questions for Recruiters

  • I would suggest doing a LOT of research on your own as well as asking the recruiters questions.  We were told our time apart in the beginning would be significantly less than it ended up being.  (We were told two month tech school and it ended up being 5).  Research the job that he is going to have, you can find a lot of active duty forums online where they give their honest opinion of their current job.  Also is a great source of info, especially about Basic Training
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