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Mylicon drops Q

Have any of you used this product? Stella is super fussy and gassy - poor thing had a major blow out last night. The Pedi suggested trying it, but I thought I would ask you guys to see if anyone had any success using it. TIA!

Re: Mylicon drops Q

  • We used Mylicon when Soph was a newborn and it always helped her. You can also try Gripe Water, I think it might be a more natural option?
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  • We had to use them for the first time a few weeks ago when Reese was really gassy, & they did seem to help a bit.

    What ended up happening with BFing for you?  Was the LC able to help with your milk coming in?  If she is really gassy, it could be that she is having trouble digesting her formula, or if you are BFing, it could be something in your diet that is irritating her as well.  If you're using formula, maybe you could ask your pedi how long he recommends waiting before trying something new.  If you're BFing, maybe try avoiding dairy for a week to see if you notice improvement.  I hope she feels better soon!

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  • I agree with what Dani said. We never really used mylicon, we did try gripe water but she just spit it out. I have heard good things about gripe water though!
  • We used Mylicon a lot when K was a newborn.  It seemed like everything I ate gave her gas.  I could not eat dairy, still gassy.  No chocolate, still gassy.  No carbs, still gassy.  It was ridic.  And I decided to try the mylicon drops at night before she went to sleep to help calm her tummy and she always seemed to sleep better when we gave her that.  Never tried Gripe Water but the mommies in my mommy & me all raved about it over Mylicon.
  • Mylicon drops worked for us....G was always super gassy....
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    Mylicon drops worked for us....G was always super gassy....

    I use Mylicon (or the generic version that is half the price) after every meal with ped's ok.  I tried Gripe water and found it a complete waste of money.  Guess it works for some people, didn't work for my little one.  DS has issues when I consume milk so I've narrowed down as much as I can without willing to compromise my sanity.   I hate to say it but I love cheese and can't live without it.  But I've switched to soy milk and use it as much as I can for things.  I've also cut out onions as much as I can.  By doing this the mylicon helps keep things in check but he's still gassy.  It's just the occasional upset tummy/crying when gas is working its way out rather than I'm up all night with him inconsolable. 

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