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Birthday WWYD

Keira will turn 2 just days before we deliver baby #2. As in, her birthday is the 25th, party will be on the 26th, and more than likely my c/s will be on the 29th or 30th.

I want to have a party for her, especially since her life will be changed forever just days after that and I want to do something really special for her. I know she is still little and really does not "get" the whole birthday party thing. I am reluctant to have anything at my house since I don't want to add more cleaning to my to-do list, but I also don't think it's worth paying to rent out a place for only a handfull of kids for a few hours. I also don't want her to pick up any nasty germs at one of those places and not be able to come see me and the new baby at the hospital. 

WWYD? Suck it up and have the party at my house and just keep it small?

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Re: Birthday WWYD

  • I don't think I'd have the party at my house.  I know I couldn't swing it.  I'd either see if I could have it at a friend's house or somewhere else.  You could wait and have the party after her actual birthday like the next month but that might complicate things with a NB around.  I know of a family that did that last year and had the birthday party a month later at the local YMCA. 

    I think it's really sweet of you to have a party for her.  I have to admit that I've thought of skipping a party this year for R just b/c I'll be 7 months pregnant and probably won't feel like doing anything!  We'll see though....


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  • I'd keep it small, and I'd do it away from the house. We had Wesley's 1st birthday at Golden Corral - everyone paid for their lunch, and we just provided cake for everyone. Plus, we didn't have to clean up any messes.

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  • Does your community have a clubhosue space u can rent out for cheap? CUz then it would be close to your house but you wouldn't have the stresses of cleaning your house before and after a party...this is a good option if its not pricey to rent the clubhouse if ya'll have one with space for a party.
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  • I am having the same debate and was actually going to email you for your opinion since their bdays are both coming up! I'll shoot you an email!



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