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Pumping help please!

I have been pumping since Annabelle's  birth because she has had latch issues, and now that my milk seems to have come in my boobs are killing me!  They are really hard, sore and feel warm. This a.m. while I pumped I tried massaging them and was able to relieve some of the pressure but less than an hour after pumping they are back to feeling sore again.

Does anyone know where I can find a bra that allows me to pump hands free?  It's about impossible to double pump and massage at the same time!  I have been pumping for 15 minutes, should I increase that time?  Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Annabelle has been dealing with jaundice, we go back tomorrow a.m. for more blood work, cross your fingers she is on the upswing!!

Thanks for any help, here is a new pic of my little girl!



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Re: Pumping help please!

  • Here's a link to help with hands-free pumping. It looks more complicated than it is, I used this method every time I pumped! GL and congratulations!!!


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  • i took an old sports bra and cut slits in the nipple area and then slid my pump in it that way.  worked great for me!  plus it was free lol!
    i'm a co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering momma!
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  • I found it easier to massage one at a time even with the hands-free bra. Sometimes the massaging would pop the latch of the pump off my boob. Good luck!
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  • Heat... from either a warm shower or heating pad.  i use both.  first the heating pad, then shower, then pump.  i pumped every 4 hrs for 12 min. the first 3 mths.  now that DD is 4 mths old, i have been able to go 6 hrs.   i don't massage breast while pumping unless i do one at a time
  • imagesophabelle:
    i took an old sports bra and cut slits in the nipple area and then slid my pump in it that way.  worked great for me!  plus it was free lol!

    This is exactly what I did.  Worked like a charm and I like free too!

     I EP'd for most of the time I BFed.  If I were you, I would pump longer than 15 min...at least 20 min and maybe even longer in the morning (first pump).   I would pump 30 min and longer for my first pump of the day and then 20 min the rest of my pumps (during the day) and at least 30 min for the last pump of the day.  I wanted to make sure that I totally emptied my breasts and I was also working on a freezer stash (you'll have enough to do that eventually if that's what you want to do).  Your body works on supply and demand.  If you demand more of your body, it'll supply more.  GL!


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  • I got my hands-free bra from diapers.com. I liked it better than the sports bra with slits cut in because it zipped up in the front and didn't have straps. Very quick and easy to put on (I brought it to work and used it when I pumped there so I could work on paperwork while I pumped).

    As for the pain and swelling. Pump until you are empty. You can freeze the extra. Massage and heat are a girls best friend. Get in a hot shower and massage. . .you may express milk that's trapped and you'll feel better! If you have a fever or redness (before heat and massage) you should call your doctor! GL and keep up the good work! 

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  • I've tried the sports bra for the last 2 pumpings and it works great - I'm able to massage my breasts and they feel much better!! Thank goodness!  I was so worried something was clogged up and am so afraid of mastitis (sp?) but I think this must just be normal?  They just get hard and uncomfortable when it's time to pumpfeed?

    I think I'll check out the bra Bobsbride mentioned, because I can see putting this sports bra on in the middle of the night is going to be a hassle.

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  • Yeah even after many months mine still got hard/super firm when it was time or overdue for pumping so I wouldnt worry about that and soemtimes they got sore if i was past due. With time your body will fall into the routine and u will be used to the sensation/feeling yoru boobs get. I E'ped for almost 11 months and would def. know by my body if iwas overdue to pump! good luck with everythign!
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