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I was so excited because I thought I was going to be able to deliver at UCSD...Well, I had to change doctors and now I will deliver at Balboa. Has anyone delivered there or heard any stories? I read a few horrow stories online.


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Re: Balboa Hospital

  • First let me congratulate you on your pregnancy!!  I delivered my daughter two months ago today at Balboa!  I too was worried about delivering at Balboa, or any military hospital fir that matter, but I must say all went well and I felt very supported.  I do have to say the ob clinic is very hard to deal with as they are so busy, appt are short and make sure you go in with a list of questions, otherwise you will forget with the short time you have with he provider.  However once you reach 20 weeks any concerns you have you report to the labor and delivery deck instead of the ER and this was a wonderful resource to have.  My daughter was born at 37 weeks unexpectedly via csection.   She was breech and I had gone in for a version where they try to manually move her, but her heart decelerated twice and the doctor didn't want to chance me going home and having something happen to her so she was delivered two hours later!  The staff is who made it possible for me to get through.  Especially the anesthesiologist who kept talking to me during the surgery to keep me preoccupied and the staff was supportive afterwards as well!  If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Also I saw Dr. Wood on teal team and she was great!  No matter how busy she was she always had time for questions!


    In regards to having to be at balboa I believe if you change from Tricare prime to standard who would have the option of going to whoever you want, but there may be a co-pay and I think once you make the decision to switch out of prime you can't go back for at least a year.  Hope this helps.


    By the way get as much rest as you can, I'm not kidding ;) 

  • Thanks! I don't want to switch insurance...I'm happy to be paying zilch..

    How were the facilities? Was it pretty nice? I will have the option of going to a clinic off base and I have a friend who goes there and she said it's fine. I think I am just worried that the staff will be pushy and super young and I won't get to have the birth plan I want.



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  • The facilities were great, clean and I can't say I had any complaints with that.  Yes you will find that some of the staff are on the younger side, but I didn't find that this effected my care at all.  It was primarily with the corpsman who assist the nurses and doctors.  I had no concerns about the doctor who did my csection or her resident.  In regards to your birth plan they have a check off sheet when it gets closer so you can communicate this to the people working with you.  However, my experience has been don't be too attached to that birth plan you aren't the one setting it your baby is.  I had planned for a vaginal delivery and had no choice in having a csection.  It screwed up my idea of wanting to hold her right after bc I was in surgery.  It sucked, but what helped me get through was focusing on that she was healthy and things changed to make sure she stayed that way.  We did skin to skin when I got the room and before that husband was doing it.  I found the staff to be helpful about what I wanted, you just may need to repeat it when shift changes, as with any where info isn't always passed down.  If you plan to breastfeed as for the hospital grade pump parts while you are there( and take them home!) that way if you have to rent a hospital grade pump you dont have to purchase these parts which I believe are over $50.  They have snacks there for you, but I would bring some as the galley is not open for dinner and Mcdonalds and Subway will be your only choices for whoever is with you. You'll get your tray of Hospital food, but it is hospital food so keep that in mind.  Also think about how long you want to stay in the hospital I was offered to stay longer, but went home after 2 days.  looking back I wish I stayed an extra day to get some sleep!  Let me know if you have any more questions.  Oh and if they are pushy at all (I had one nurse I didn't like, which is going to happen any where) push back and make sure your husband and who ever is there with you knows your choices so that they can help verbalizing it as well
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