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This is my first pregnancy and I'm a little confused on the whole contraction thing. I'm fairly certain I've had some over the last few days, but can't tell too much of a difference between them and BH contractions. They feel a bit more crampy and uncomfortable than BH, but not overly painful and unbearable. Am I just having a lot of BH contractions lately, or are these the real thing? Will I know when to start timing the contractions? Any advice is appreciated!!
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Re: Contractions?

  • This is a good question. I've never even had BH and last night I woke up with crampy pain - I'm interested to see others responses. Sorry I can't shed any light on the situation.

  • I wondered the same thing about 1.5 weeks ago when I was having contractions sporadicly over 6 hours. One of the things we learned in Bradley classes is to eat, drink, sleep, wallk, and shower. If the contractions stay consistent after all of that--signs are that it is true labor.
  • For me - BH are more of a tightening feeling and aren't that uncomfortable.  The real contractions feel like menstrual cramps or worse... good luck!  I never had to time any contractions with me first pregnancy - but my doctor said that when they start coming closer together - or you have at least 6-8 in one hour than you should time them.

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