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I am only 5 weeks along....and I am all about being prepared this time (3rd child).  I didn't keep my old breast pump...and can't even remember what it was....I didn't like it anyway.

I am looking for a really good breast pump.  I would like it to be electric and dual.  I have rather large breasts, too.

 Any ideas?  Thanks, ladies!


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  • My son is now 10 months old and I have been back to work full time since he was 7 weeks old. I have the Medela In Style Advance (dual pump with shoulder bag). I think it is great.
  • Thanks for replying.  15 Views and 1 comment.  From the research I've done, the Medela's are expensive, but from the reviews...worth it.  Guess I'll start saving pennies now.

    Wow...back to work at 7 weeks?!  I went back to work when Madeline was 6 weeks...still can't believe it.  It's hard to leave them...but also a necessity that I hate.

    Congratulations on your son!  And thanks for the comment!!

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  • i have the medela lactina and love that one as well. i got my rented for free thru wic tho.
  • The Medela seems popular....but pricey.  Gonna have to do some really goo price comparison!  Thanks for the reply!





  • I am going to be using the Medela pump in style advanced.  I have read that it is the best one! I am due February 25th so I will let you know how I like it after, but I have read nothing but good things about it... also it is probably the most expensive one so I would recommend going on Ebay that is where I got mine!  I got it for 127 and it normally goes for 278!!!  It comes with everything and the mom only used it for a week because she couldn't breast feed so I am just going to get new tubing.  Hope this helps and good luck! :)
  • I have breastfed all 4 of mine but I have never had the money to own a pump so I've always rented. And I know if you qualify for WIC they will rent one for you. I have always found that purchasing the larger breast shields helps immensely no matter what kind of pump you use. 
  • Hi Nicole!

    My name is Danielle and I live in Saco Maine!  I just joined thissite and I'm looking to get rid of my breast pump.  It's the Medela pumpin style, the metro bag!  I bought it new and only had the chance to useit for one day.  I was unable to breast feed due to lack of production ofmilk :(  However, it is the best of the best and the one time I did use itI found it to be super comfortable!  I only wish I could have continuedusing it.  It is a double pump and is extremely quiet.  I purchasedit last year right around this time for over $300.00.  It?s in theoriginal box, all of the instructions and guidebooks are there and there aresome extras in there that I didn't have a chance to use.  It's practicallybrand new!  Let me know if you are interested.  I have it posted oncraigslist under baby and kid items with pictures of everything if you wanted to take a look. I'm asking$200 for everything.  Feel free to email me at [email protected]



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