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Hi from Waterloo, Iowa :-)

Is this a new board? I haven't seen it previously! It would be nice to get to know some bumpies in the wonderful land of Iowa (sarcasm). Stick out tongue

My name is Sara and I am 31. I live in Waterloo ... boring! We had our first child in August. He's 4 1/2 months now and growing leaps and bounds!

Well I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I look forward to talking to you all!

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Re: Hi from Waterloo, Iowa :-)

  • HI Sara!  I'm Sarah and also had my first child in August :) 

    Just wanted to let you know that most mom's hang out on the Des Moines Nestie board!  Hope to see you there.

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  • Ok. Thanks! I will try to find it! Stick out tongue
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  • Hi!  My name is also Sara and I am in Cedar Falls.  My son is 8 and I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first with my husband.  There are actually 3 or 4 Iowa moms to be on the August 11 board on the bump.
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