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My Jan baby is a Christmas baby.... pic in post birth story Long

Just wanted to thank you all for your support mostly on FB while I was being induced.... I could not post to the bump so I had to log on there and you guys were so supportive I loved it and it def helped!!

Here is Callen's birth story

On 12/22/10 at 38 weeks I went into the OB office for my weekly BPP US /check up/NST.  It had been ordered for the rest of the pg because I had low amniotic fluid and the baby was small.  All went well with the tests.  Got my first internal and I was high and tight? Dr asked when my next growth ultra sound was and I said Jan 5th my due date.  He then asked when the last one was, I replied Dec 8th.  Apparently at that growth U/S the baby was measuring in the 12th percentile.  The Dr deiced that we needed to do another one that day.  When the results came back the baby was only measuring in the 7th percentile, and when the Dr walked in the room he said ?How about we have a baby today?? 

I was a little taken aback to be honest.  I had just an hour ago told DH that everything was measuring fine and that we likely would not be having a baby this week.  He was sad because he wanted to meet the baby but understood.  The Dr sent me over to L&D.  He said that I could walk but I needed to move my car to the hospital garage so I told him I would do that and go up there.  I was pretty much in shock. I called my best friend and had a total meltdown.  I told her everything and she helped me to calm down (I knew if I called DH in that state he would get to the same place and I needed one of us to be calm!!) She told me she would change all her Christmas plans and drive up that night (2 ? hours away by car).  I then called DH and told him we were having a baby.  He did not believe me, but it sank in soon enough.  He was ready to leave work and drive like a maniac to the hospital.  I told him to take a deep breath, and since it was past lunch time I was going to move the car and grab something to eat because I was not sure when they would let me.  I called my mom and she got a flight from AZ to Seattle.  I got checked in and that is when the fun began.

They wanted to get me hooked up to pitocin and the monitors to see how his heart would react to contractions.  If it was not favorable then it was going to have to be a c-section.   They tried to get a vein for the IV and my nurse did not want to do it. She called her charge nurse and she did not want to do it.  They then called the IV nurse.  She could not make it so they had an anesthesiologist come out, the first try he blew out a vein.  Second one he got in but 10 min after he left it blew out too.  In the end I had to have 5 IVs total.  They baby did well on the pitocin so we were going to induce and see where that got us.

They inserted Misoprostol ? soon the contactions were 5 min apart and about 40 sec in length.  I had to stop talking and breath through them.  At 3 am they came and checked me and no change.  So they stopped it because they decided that it was not good for the baby.  Thursday they decided to try a foley catheter to see if that would open the cervix.  So all day I had contractions and it was not a good day.   That night they came in and said that they could try the Misoprostol  again or pitocin again but that my cervix was really unfavorable.  The internal exams were the most painful things I had come across!  I decided to try again that nigh with the Misoprostol because I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to have a vaginal delivery. 

The morning of 12/24 I was still tight and closed.  The baby was still good but had a few fetal heart dips.  Because of the concerns of his size and the low fluid we decided that a C-Section would be best.  By 10:53 PST I had an outside baby!  A tiny one at that? He was born 38 weeks 2 days and was 5.8 lbs and 17.25 in long.  We are so in Love!!

So far DH has been amazing.  Helping me get in and out of bed and get to the bathroom.  He has changed all the diapers but the one I did and a couple that the nurses did because they needed to.  My recovery has been decent.  I hurt but we only had to spend two days after surgery in the hospital.  We came home today. 

We were expecting a Jan baby.  But on her way up my best friend stopped at target to get something to snack on and drink and found a stocking that said Baby?s First Christmas and was Winnie the Pooh which we did his nursery in.   

Introducing Callen Thomas:



Re: My Jan baby is a Christmas baby.... pic in post birth story Long

  • Congratulations on your little peanut.  Callen is beautiful, and what a nice Christmas surprise.
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  • Sounds like a trying couple of days, but he is beautiful!  Congratulations!  Take care of yourself and I hope your recovery goes well.
    I give up trying to get a ticker.  I have a DD that is 2.5 years old and is awesome.  Maybe I'll add a quote to distinguish myself.  Hmmm.  How about...

    "It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Congratulations!!
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  • COngrats! The pic in the stocking is just too cute!
  • Congrats on your little bundle of joy and christmas baby!!!
  • So sorry the stress you were put in to start with but look what you have now....he is so cute!  congrads!
  • He's precious and so is your BFF for dropping everything to be with you.  Congrats to you and your DH!
  • Congrats - he's adorable!!  I hope you have a quick recovery!
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  • Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy!
  • Congratulations! Quite the Whirl-wind! Glad everything worked out and you got a nice little Christmas gift there! He's very cute!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Congrats on your son. He's beautiful! I had my little boy on Wednesday due to low amniotic fluid after having a bunch of tests done, they decided to perform a c-section that same evening.

    My guy is small, like yours, 5 lbs 9oz and 18.5 inches long. He was 36 weeks and 6 days. The pediatrician notes said he was "near full term", but he's strong, healthy and content little baby.

    I hope you are enjoying your Christmas present!

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    6 months: 16lbs 15 oz, 27 inches long

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