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WWYD? Gifts

Briley received this


Walk N Ride as a shower gift when she was about 2 months old.  Even though it was kinda similar, when I saw this...


Wheelie Bee I could not resist, so I bought it for her for Christmas.  Since she was not quite ready for it and it was meant to be her big Christmas gift from us, it has been in a closet since I bought it (August - yes I was thinking ahead a little).  Well for Christmas (even though I know my mom and I think my aunt knew she had both of those items) my mom got her this:


Stride to ride dino, and my aunt got her this:


(Sorry its out of focus but that is the picture that shows the toy the best)  They are all lovely toys, but it seems a little overkill, and where am I going to keep them all?  I was going to return the Wheelie Bee, which I was not excited about, but it has been too long so I can't return it. Any suggestions?

Re: WWYD? Gifts

  • I'd keep the bee cause its cute and then either the dino or the walk n ride, since I feel like they are similar. Regift the car to someone else or return it if you can. This leaves you with 2 of the 4.

    or- can she keep any of the toys at a grandmas house to play with when she goes there?

  • Is there someplace other then your home, where Briley spends a lot of time and would like having one of those toys there? For example: my nephews have duplicate toys at both grandparents houses because they spend so much time at both houses, and it's easier then lugging toys back & forth.

    Otherwise, if you can't or don't want to return any of them then maybe you know someone who could use them, or a daycare that could use them? 

  • This EXACT thing happened to us!

    We had already gotten her the Stride to Ride Lion.  Then, she got the Dino from my grandpa, and another something from Bart's cousin.  We are returning the other 2 for sure- we just don't have space. 


  • Does B go to another house regularly? Maybe you could leave one at another house so she has it there.....or if you can not return it, perhaps you can give one of your unused ones as a gift to someone else someday who has a LO.....
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