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Does your belly touch your thighs...

when you sit? I just noticed mine do. They might have before but it's pretty uncomfortable now. In fact, my thunder thighs kind of squish my massive belly! LOL! Oh, I'm sooooo ready!!

Re: Does your belly touch your thighs...

  • Yep, my belly definitely touches my thighs when I sit down.  It's a new thing though, so I've either gotten a lot bigger recently or I've dropped... or both!
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  • yes. yes it does.
  • I sit in Indian style all the time, and I definitely have to position my tummy so that it's comfy  on my feet lol
  • Yes my belly sits on my thighs.  It started about a month ago.  Kinda strange feeling, eh?
  • This post just made me realize that mine definitely does! :)
  • haha!  even more fun will be asking this question after we all deliver.  =/
  • It does :(  I started dropping a couple of weeks ago and noticed.  Now I have to sit with my legs apart, not very lady-like, but so much more comfortable!
  • My baby has not dropped, but my belly does rest on my thighs. I, too sit with my legs apart and do not care AT ALL if anyone thinks I am being un-lady-like:)
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