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Referral to get eye exam?

I have Tricare Prime and I have never had my eyes checked. I know I am alloted one eye exam per year and lately I have been having some vision problems and would like to get my eyes checked. Do I need to get a referral from my PCM or can I just go to an eye doctor that accepts Tricare? TIA
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Re: Referral to get eye exam?

  • I don't *think* you need a referral but I would call Tricare to be sure.
  • No referral needed.  I took my daughter at the beginning of the summer and it was all covered.  I am going myself in a few weeks.  I am getting a contact exam along with it (not covered) and they said the total will be $35.
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  • Great. Thanks so much! 
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  • If you are having vision problems, I strongly encourage you to see an opthamologist.  The doctors you will find at vision centers on base, the mall, etc. are usually optometrists.  When I had Prime, I requested a referral to see an opthamologist since the exam is typically much more thorough.  Vision "problems" are treated differently than annual exams. 
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