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3rd Trimester

Almost 34 weeks and having diarrhea with bad cramps.

Sorry if this is TMI, but I need some advice since my doctor is a quack. I started having "The runny bunnies" last Wednesday night. And it came with bad cramping. Not contractions, the cramping you get when you have the bunnies. it seemed to subside on Thursday,  Then it came back Thursday night. Friday morning, I got some Kaopectate, took one dose and all symptoms went away, so I didn't take any more. Then Saturday it came back. Anyone have anything like this????? I have hear that, could be signs my body is getting ready. I didn't have anything like this with my daughter, so I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts. Thanks

Re: Almost 34 weeks and having diarrhea with bad cramps.

  • You need to call your Dr.  With DS my contractions felt like period/diarrhea cramps. 
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  • I'd call your Dr. My contractions felt just like menstrual cramps, not diarrhea, but I know my friend started having diarrhea, along with cramps, right before she went into labor with both of her kids. GL.

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  • L&D told me that diarrhea can stimulate contractions from irritating the uterus and vice versa so it isn't unusual. I had this when I was 33 weeks and was already 1cm dilated. I would call to be on the safe side.
  • I had period-like cramps and digestive *issues* a week before my water broke at 36 weeks (and to me, period cramps feel pretty much identical to bowel cramps.)
  • I called the on call dr yesterday, and he said just stay hydrated and take meds as perscribed. I think all the doctors in this office are very strange so I thought I would ask other women and prob get better, more straight forward answers. lololol. Thanks though!
  • I know a few days before I went into labor my system was cleaning itself out...I was hitting that toilet about 2-3 times a day with the 'runny-bunnies'  That was unusual for me.

    For me, labor started out with a lot of pelvic pressure, period like cramps and a lot of (non-painful) BH's.  Then the BH's suddenly turned mean.  Back labor eventually kicked in...I'll spare you the details.

  • I've been having this since Saturday as well. but I've also been vomiting. I called the Dr and they told me basically the same thing as you, stay hydrated and take meds. They did say if it didn't stop in another day or so to call the office to come in to be seen.
  • I've had menstrual type cramps for about a week and a half now, almost always accompanied by the need to run to the restroom as if I had diarrhea- sorry for the TMI, but not always a productive trip... I was also feeling like I was having a panic attack; couldn't catch my breath, pulse felt like it was pounding, etc. I called my doc's office and they said to relax, take it easy and hydrate. The cramps were probably BH, and as long as there was no bleeding or discharge accompanying, that it was nothing to worry about. As for the panic attack feeling, the baby is pushing my lungs out of her way making it hard for me to breathe, and my blood volume is obviously increased, so those symptoms coupled with the cramping was causing my anxiety and heightened awareness. Nothing substantial, but it helps to hear the obvious from a trained professional. I think if there is no discharge or bleeding and the cramping is not rhythmic or very frequent, we probably shouldn't worry too much. Always call your doc to be safe, but know that we're getting close to the end and our biggest physical changes are beginning now. You are not alone! Hope this helps...
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