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Told the inlaws.... They suck

So on Christmas we show up at MILs house with the boys in Big Brother shirts.  Mil and BIL didnt notice.  They noticed the shirts but didnt get it.  So finally after all the gifts are open and MIL has been clicking away with her camera I tell her "I have to ask you not to share the pictures you took this morning with anyone just yet" She asks why and I tell her because of the boys shirts.  She goes "oh really. how far along?"  Then asks if we can even afford another child.  Yep swear.

 Later FIL comes over.  He reads the shirts outloud.  But doesnt say anything.  So DH points out that both boys will be big brothers.  He ask when I am due.  I tell him the end of Aug. and that it is a secret for now.  To which he replies "Oh so you are really early.  Are you sure you are really pregnant?"

Yeah they totally ruined the surprise with their lack of support/ emotion.

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Re: Told the inlaws.... They suck

  • Oh, I am so sorry. I remember telling my dad about Gwen. We were shocked about her, and I knew he would be excited, but also knowing my dad, knew he would say something lame, so I called him on a business trip, and left him a voicemail that went like 

    " dad, I know you are going to be happy, but also would say something dumb, so here it is... we are pregnant... again. Love you, Call me when you will be nice"

    He called shortly after, and realized he better not be a turd.

    I hope your ILs come around . 

  • My step-mom (the closest thing to a parent that I have) said "I only had one child (she has a son) and that was a good number- why would you need a second?"   It was bad on so many levels- not the least of which she forgot she refers to me as her daughter so she really has more than one.  But that's another story. 

    Bottom line is family sucks.  You can't get rid of them.  Just smile, move on and do the surprise for someone who will really appreciate it.  I've found that's what friends are for!

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  • They sucked at that one... sorry!

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  • they totally suck...sorry that happened  Sad
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  • When i told my mom, she looked at me and word for word "SHUT THE F UP, YOU ARE FREAKING LYING!? than she goes on says "HOLY $HIT, YOU ARE CRAZY?"


    Than my idiot father in law says to DH, don't you know to keep in your pants?


    My mom was just shocked we were due to have another baby a few weeks after the twins turned 1!


    Now the joke with everyone is when is the next one, little do they know we hope soon to be pregnant

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  • ugh, that sucks.

    i had a very good friend ask me if we could afford a kid when i told her we were planning to TTC. i think it's an incredibly offensive question. as if we would decide to TTC without considering whether we can support the child! and it's none of their business, anyway.

    enjoy the excitement of your pregnancy and ignore your stupid, stupid ILs. 

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  • Wow...they do suck. 

    Well, to hell with them!  You are pregnant and that is fabulous, and they can kiss my hiney!!



  • I'm sorry they didn't give you the excitement and emotions you and the new baby deserve.
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  • That's terrible...sorry for their lack of excitement. Boooooooo, them!

    Well, we are all excited for you! :)

  • Ahhhhhhh, yes, I can totally relate.

    pg # 1 MIL said "Finally, I got tired of people asking questions"

    pg # 2 MIL said "Oh, you're still very early"

    pg # 3 MIL's response "Oh" (pause) "maybe it will be a girl"

    Just ignore it and don't let it ruin your moment.

    Our miracle IVF baby - D 6/09 & J - Surprise! born 9/10!!!
  • I'm so sorry that they ruined your surprise!! That sucks!!
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