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emergency c-section-overdue

I realized I never shared my birth story on this board...so here it is, 2 months late. Isabelle Ashley was born October 7th, 7 lbs, 6 oz.

Isabelle kept teasing us of when she was coming. I had a lot of false labor but nothing to show for it. Finally, 40 weeks came and still no munchkin. We went to our appointment as usual and decided to induce the following Wednesday night since I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia.

FF to Wednesday night. I am already having contractions in my back about 10 minutes apart. Great, maybe this will be easier since she's already making a run for it. We go to the hospital, get all set up and they start the cervix dilator. Things go slowly and by 7 am I am dilated to 2 cm. I am not in pain, just uncomfortable. Dr. G decides to proceed with the Pitocin and break my water and that's when the shiz hits the fan. I begin to have crazy contractions less than 1 minute apart. By 8 am, I am 4 cm and having to breathe like a mad woman to make through it through each contraction. S and my grandmother are talking casually and I remember saying:

Me (quietly): "Please stop talking."

Them: "yada yada"

Me (A little louder): "Guys, I can't focus."

Them: "What's wrong? yada yada"


LOL I laugh at it now since I was in so much pain, I could barely talk so they felt bad they didn't hear me. I never thought I'd be the bitchy laboring chick, but I could not focus on my breathing and listen to what they were saying and the pain was nuts.

Finally, they get Dr. Jones (I think that was his name?) in to do my epidural. Thank God for that man. I was in so much pain that I was just like "hurry up!" I think I remember S sitting at my feet while they put in the catheter...I can't really remember. After he's done and I lay down, I start feeling some relief, but only on one side. I tell them it's not working and suffer through another 15 minutes while we wait on Dr. awesome to get back. He pushes some more meds through the catheter and immediately I am able to relax. I pass out.

While all this is going on, Izzie's HR continues to drop with each contraction. At one point it would dip into the 70s and not get better til the contraction had ended. That's not good for princess pumpkin seed when the contractions are less than a minute apart. Dr. G decided around 10ish to replace some of the water in my amniotic sac in hopes that it will help LO move. She was thinking that Izz had descended too fast and was crushing her cord. They push the water, wait and still no change. After waiting a bit (I have no idea how accurate I am on the times, everything was such a blur), Dr. G says the words that I did NOT want to hear: "Michelle, we're going to have to do a c-section." I was so out of it that I just started bawling. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe, which didn't make our situation any better.

I can't believe I'm able to write this story because I really feel like it was such a blur. I only remember a few images.

These people flying around me to get me prepped for surgery are incredible. I couldn't keep up with who was where or what they were doing. I remember the N.A. talking to me as he was pushing the rest of the awesome drugs. Don't have a clue what we talked about though. I started shaking, bad. Finally they get the curtain up and let S come in. At this point, I'm just ready to go to sleep. Until I feel them start to cut. I didn't feel any pain but I could tell when they were cutting, pulling and tugging. SO EFFING WEIRD. Literally 60 seconds later, she is out and hollering like a mad woman. S watched the whole thing and he is still talking about how crazy it was. I'm glad I couldn't watch.

S goes with the wee one and I am left to get prodded and poked some more. I remember being so tired but I wouldn't let myself fall asleep because I seriously thought I wouldn't wake up. LOL. Finally I pass out. Apparently I was in there a long time (S told me this after). I had lost a lot of blood, probably why I finally passed out. I wake up in recovery with S next to me and the nurse telling me it was time for skin to skin with the most perfect little girl I've ever seen.

The recovery has sucked but it's bearable. Lots of fun meds and stool softeners. Isabelle had absolutely no health problems whatsoever...just didn't like labor I guess.

I wish things had gone a little more the way I wanted but in the end, we are both safe and doing fantastic so the complaining I can do is limited.

Thanks for reading.

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