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christmas just isnt the same...

without him around...

Even DS is cranky without his daddy..

Whose with me??

Re: christmas just isnt the same...

  • Me! Totally couldn't get in the spirit this year. But hey we're 1/3 of the way through this deployment! lol
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  • Me too. So glad Christmas is over. 
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  • Big ditto.  He was even home for R&R a few weeks ago so we had a Christmas together, and yesterday was still depressing.  Deployment sucks big donkey balls.
  • I mean it's obviously not the same and I wish he were here, but really I had a pretty good Christmas.  I didn't want to travel with the kids by myself so my family came up here instead.  We made cookies for Santa, did our traditional Chinese food restaurant on Christmas Eve, made a big deal out of gifts and Santa on Christmas morning, spent all day lounging around playing with new toys, and had a big lasagna dinner last night.  On top of that I spent weeks making the duo's big gifts so nothing could ruin my excitement seeing them on enjoying them on Christmas morning.  We video taped a lot of the morning stuff for DH to watch when he has time to get online again, and Skyped with his side of the family that couldn't be here. 

    I guess if there is one thing I've learned over 4 deployments (and 4 missed holiday seasons), it's that it is what you make it.  Yes I wish he could be here, he wishes he could be here, and we're both sad that he's missing it, but if we focus on that then we'd both be nothing but depressed.  We may as well try to salvage whatever fun we can out of the holidays, even if we can't spend them the way we really want to.

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